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Vissza a programok felsorolásához

Deadline:  26 February 2003.




The aim of the new sub-component of Arts and Culture Network Program is to organize an East-East program of placements in well established and acknowledged cultural institutions of Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Caucasus and Mongolia for art managers and cultural administrators from the region.

The main goals of Looking Inside are:




Program is addressed to art managers and cultural administrators with professional background in the field, who are interested in sharing experience and knowledge, learning about other cultural practices, and raising their professional skills. Applicants must be employed by a state, municipal or private non-profit cultural institution. Basic communication skills in English or the host country's language are required. Applications should be filled out in English only.  The duration of internships is 2-3 weeks, taking place not later than October 31, 2003. Expected grant for one internship should not exceed $3000 for all related expenses (travel, visa, per diems, insurance, accommodation, fee for tutor, small organizational costs concerning intern's stay).

Applicants can suggest an organization they would prefer to visit from the countries within the Soros foundations' network. Applicants are asked to submit a hosting letter from the selected institution, together with the application. For each intern an individual program is assured in advance by the hosting organization. In addition, hosting organization assists in organization of intern's stay.

Every Looking Inside intern is required to give a presentation/lecture about her/his country cultural specifics in relation to her/his specialty field during the stay at the hosting organization.

All applications under the Looking Inside program will be firstly reviewed by national experts and finally by the Assessment Team (an international advisory body).


Internships are offered exclusively to professionals living in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia, and Mongolia. Students from undergraduate programs and those without some practical experience are not eligible for support. Artists are not eligible to apply unless they perform managerial or administrative functions at cultural organizations/institutions.

Applications should be submitted by E-mail, in an attached doc or rtf file to arnold@soros.hu. Applications that are not submitted in the above way and by the deadline will not be considered. Further information if needed: tel: 315-0315 (please refer to the code number of the application - 418).